African Marimba Classes

Group lessons in African Marimba!

Come play the music of Zimbabwe in a group setting (6-8 people). No musical experience required! No music-reading! Fun! Marimbas supplied. Practice marimbas available.

Current openings:
Beginning: Monday evenings 6:30-8:00pm
Intermediate: Thursday evenings 6:30-8:00pm
Advanced: Tuesday evenings 6:45-8:15pm

Busy Monday nights? Create your own class! Gather up your friends, with a minimum of 5 people you can create a new class time geared just for you.

$15 per class. Private lessons also available for $45/hr.

The instructor, Kite Giedraitis, has 26 years experience performing & teaching marimba.

All classes taught in his private studio near SE 39th & Holgate.

Hear a sample of this wonderful music performed by one of the classes:

(click here for a direct link to the mp3.)

Kite teaching class in his studio

Bring a friend to class and their first class is FREE (or, you and your friend each pay half price). This is a one-time offer per new friend you bring to class. You can do this at any time, even your very first class. Your friend can then bring a friend to a subsequent class and they will receive the same discount deal. If you bring TWO OR MORE new friends to class, you all get the class for half price.

Kite sitting in with "Dancing Out Loud", a local band that came out of his classes!

Kite also makes marimbas (sopranos, tenors, baritones & basses). Sopranos and tenors are in the $400-$600 range. He has rental sopranos for his students for $10/week. There's even a rent-to-own program! He can also help you build your own marimba! Contact him for details on buying, renting or building.

Kite teaching a beginning class

"Been taking the beginning class for a year. It's a great class for all levels. Fun, non-threatening, inspirational."
-- Catherine Whitson

"Years ago, I saw a marimba group playing at Pioneer Courthouse Square, and thought that the music was great and playing it looked like so much fun. Then I found out about Kite's marimba classes and joined one. Playing marimba is the most fun thing in the world. Every week I learn something new, even though I have now been playing for years, and Kite is a wonderful, patient teacher. I love taking marimba!"
-- Susan Baillet

"Kite is great at teaching each person at their level. As a multi-instrumentalist I appreciate that Kite pushes me, or lets me just groove along, according to my desire that day. And he is a master at blending total beginners to music into the class by giving them a part to play that they can quickly master and adding to that when they feel ready. Kite has infectious joy."
-- Lynette Yetter

Watch instructional videos on Kite's Youtube channel!

Sample instructional videos:

Kite has been playing marimba in Portland since 1987. He also plays (and teaches) mbira, hosho and hand drums. He was an original member of Boka Marimba, playing with them for 3 years before traveling in Zimbabwe for a year and Ghana for 3 months.

Many bands have evolved out of his marimba classes: Zuva, Dancing Trees, Kukuva, Flying Safari Ants, Chiremba, White Rhino, Zimba, Born on Tuesday, Duduluza, Bongozozo, Eurimba, Wood Vibrations, Laughing Moon, Dancing Out Loud, Kamerimba and Mufaro.

Eight of these bands appear on his compilation CD, "Marimba Madness". It features 13 songs, from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Guinea, Ghana and the Carribean, all Kite's arrangements. You can hear audio samples and order copies from CDbaby.

In 2001, Kite founded Fools In Paradise, a six-piece marimba/mbira/sax band.
To order their CDs, go to CDbaby.
For more info about his band, visit

Kite is also a software developer and author, see